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Philips Saeco Royal One Touch Espresso / Cappuccino MachinePhilips Saeco Royal One Touch Espresso / Cappuccino Machine
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Philips Saeco Royal One Touch Espresso / Cappuccino Machine

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Product Details
Solid performance cup after cup. With large capacities and insulated milk container the new Philips Saeco Royal espresso machine is the rejuvenation of a trusted classic. What remains unchanged is the extremely solid performance and the generous tanks for beans, water and coffee grounds.

Easy to use
• Cup warmer
• Ergonomic in day-by-day operations
• Insulated milk container
• One touch beverage selection

Easy of cleaning and maintaining
• Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
• Dishwasher safe Cappuccinatore
• Easy cleaning stainless steel milk container

Coffee specialty customization
• Adjustable coffee lenghth and intensity

High performance all day long
• Large capacity containers
• Double boiler for instant steam

Choose your favorite coffee blend and adjust coffee length and intensity (temperature, pre-brewing, strength). Length: you can adjust the amount of brewed coffee according to your taste and/or the size of your cups. Temperature: the machine allows you to adjust via setting menu the temperature of your coffee. Pre-brewing: you can adjust via setting menu the time of pre-wetting of the coffee powder into the infusion chamber, in order to extract all the taste. Strength: the machine is set-up for adjusting the strength with the amount of coffee to be ground, using the specific lever on the side.

Auto-cleaning and de-scaling: Easy to use includes easy maintenance: Thanks to the automatic cleaning and de-scaling cycles, you are guaranteed perfect enjoyment every day and maximum longevity for your automatic espresso machine.

Cup warmer - This feature allows you to not only store your espresso cups and glasses right on the espresso machine, it also pre-heats them letting the aroma unfold even better and guaranteeing a long-lasting crema

Dishwasher safe Cappuccinatore: Keep the Philips Saeco espresso machine at its best, by cleaning the automatic Cappuccinatore simply washing it with lukewarm water or directly into the dishwasher machine.

Dual Boiler: Optimal conditions for everything: two independent circuits assure quick and convenient coffee preparation directly after frothing your milk.

Easy cleaning stainless steel milk container

Ergonomic day-by-day: Philips-Saeco is a synonym for convenience: refilling beans or water, emptying the coffee-dump box or the drip tray, all compartments are directly accessible.

Insulated milk container

Weight and dimensions:
•Product dimensions (L x D x H): 13.25 x 15.0 x 17.75 in
•Weight: 33 lbs.
•Coffee bean capacity: 0.75 lbs.
•Dump box capacity: 20 servings
•Milk carafe capacity: 0.5 l
•Water tank capacity: 2.2 l

Product Additional Information

Brand Saeco
UPC 075020025487
Country of Origin Italy
Type Espresso Machines

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