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Gaggia Platinum Vision w/ Milk IslandGaggia Platinum Vision w/ Milk Island
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Gaggia Platinum Vision w/ Milk Island

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Product Details
If you're ready for a café quality, specialty coffee-drink in the privacy of your own home, then you've come to the right place. The New Gaggia Platinum Vision is a very straightforward machine; while at the same time maintaining its sophistication. It is also incredibly durable yet lightweight at only 21 pounds. To help get acquainted, the Vision comes with an easy to read manual complete with step-by-step directions and images to walk you through every process. Fully automatic, this model is designed to create the best possible espresso. With over 70 years experience in this industry, rest assured that you will not find a better quality espresso brewed from a home machine.

Grind, dose and brew your espresso, all at the touch of a button. Switch it over to steam mode by turning the knob and let the Milk Island take care of creating the perfect foam for those delicious cappuccinos. You can actually watch the entire process through the clear container as it heats and creates the delicious microfoam! The Milk Island, a separate frothing attachment, makes the entire frothing process hands off. Simply attach the milk island to your machine (it will fit any of the four Platinum models), pour in your cold milk, turn the steam knob to the Milk Island setting, and watch as your milk turns into a piping hot, thick and creamy mixture for your Cappuccino! The Milk Island is only one of the two steaming options that come with your Vision. The alternate is just as easy to use! It is called the pannarello wand, sometimes referred to as the turbo frother, which rotates on a ball joint, and is used in the traditional way with a frothing pitcher. Simply submerge the tip of your frother into your milk and let the machine do all the work - steaming up to your desired temperature (140-160 degrees is most recommended).

Choose your own grind settings, strength settings, pre-infusion, intensity, etc. If you should want a latte after dinner, but are concerned about the caffeine keeping you up, simply use the bypass doser. Pour in a scoop of ground decaf coffee, select the pre ground option within the touch screen, and select your volume by touching one of the cup sizes on the display screen. Now that your espresso is brewed, turn the knob to steam your milk using the easy turbo frother or milk island. Gaggia has gone above and beyond by incorporating the LED touch screen display, stainless steel control panel, rapid steam boiler, and the two ways to froth, creating a very simple, consistent and reliable machine to operate.

One of the most fun features of the machine to get your hands on is the programming, so here is a quick preview into the personalization Gaggia offers:

Touch Screen Features:
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Individual Beverage Settings for Espresso, Coffee, and/or Long Coffee
Prebrew – set to off, med and/or strong
Aroma – mild, medium, strong and/or preground (decaf or flavored are most popular for the pregound option)
Temperature settings – low, medium and/or high
Volume – adjust by plus (+) or minus (-) depending on how tall or short you want your drink to be.

Time/Date Settings:
Set the machine to turn on up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week. For example, Monday - 6am, 12pm, 6pm, Friday - 6am, 1pm, 9pm and Saturday – 9am, 6pm, 10pm.
Stand by mode has 4 different settings to chose from.
Adjust the clock by hour, minute and AM/PM.
Adjust the date format - For instance, it would be set differently in Europe than it would in the United States.

Machine Settings:
Program your display to read the way you'd like it- choose from 13 languages, and adjust the contrast of the display to be lighter or darker.
Sound settings – turn the sound on/off. If on, it will beep with every touch of the screen and when it is ready for use.
Cup warmer – 3 options: always on, always off, off while in stand by mode.
Water settings include – Rinse on/off, water filter on/off, water hardness 1-4 (machine comes with a test strip and instructions)

Maintenance Settings:
Counts your shots
Cleaning cycle – In this setting, the machine asks if you've added the cleaning tablet before you run it.
Descale cycle – Before running, the machine asks if you'd like to run the cycle in case you've selected it in error.
Lock display – an option given to allow the owner to clean the menu screen without accidentally selecting a beverage.

Special Settings:
Factory Settings – allows you to reset to all the original manufacturer settings.
Maintenance on this machine could not be easier. Gaggia provides you with your first Aqua Prima Water Filter. It greatly reduces the amount of harmful minerals, such as limescale, from causing damage to the internal components of your machine. The machine keeps track of when the water filter needs replacing, requires descaling, the water tank needs refilling, and even when the coffee grounds container needs emptying. It sends you alerts on the display making it impossible to forget to maintain this machine.

The Gaggia Platinum Vision's classic design and digital touch screen make it an attractive addition to any small office or home countertop. With an electric cup warmer, the Aqua Prima water filtration system, electronic cup lift and more, the Vision gives you all the elegance of café quality espresso right at your fingertips. All super automatic machines have a central brew group where the entire brewing process takes place. One of the many key advantages to the Gaggia machines is the removable brew group. For easy maintenance, simply remove, rinse, air dry and reinsert; it's that easy!

We've done some extensive field-testing as far as comparing the Vision side by side with the other high-end brand name machines in addition to having experienced Baristas/Connoisseurs sample its final product. We're happy to report the Gaggia Platinum has come out on top each and every time. This has become possible due to Gaggia's long history in the coffee business originating back to the 1940's. It is now possible to duplicate the delicious espressos and cappuccinos that Gaggia commercial machines produce in the comfort of your own home.

- One 1300-watt boiler that assures Rapid Steam
- Stainless steel lined boiler
- Espresso Plus System
- Digital Touch Screen with programming information and alerts for:
Cleaning and descaling
etting water temperature and brewing volume
Pre-Infusion and dosage (Opti-Dose System)
Number of cups brewed
Automatic timer and energy saving mode
Turning cup warmer to on, off, or standby
- Stainless Steel front panel
- Included Gaggia Milk Island automatically froths and steams milk
- Electronic height-adjustable cup tray
- Coffee dosage from 7-10.5 grams
- Removable 57 oz water reservoir
- Ceramic burr grinder with adjustable settings
- 8.8 oz sealable bean hopper
- Removable brew group
- Pannarello wand for frothing and steaming
- 15 bar pump
- Actively heated cup warmer holds four demitasse cups
- Eight language display choices including English, Italian, German, French, and Spanish
- 1300 watts – 110/120 volts
- 14.6”H x 12.6”W x 16.4”D
- 21 lbs

Accessories Included:
- Aqua Prima Water Filter
- Water Hardness Test Strip
- Brew Group Lubricant

Product Additional Information

Brand Gaggia
Country of Origin Italy
Type Espresso Machines

Manufacturer Details

Achille Gaggia patented the first electric pump driven system in 1938 to become the Father of the Modern Espresso Machine. Like the renaissance men before him, he was an inventor driven by passion and inspiration. The company that bears the renown Gaggia name continues to dominate the home espresso machine market in Italy, the birth place of espresso.

Customer Reviews

Review by amanda



Very nice espresso maker

i really enjoyed having this espresso maker. I bought this machine a long time ago and so far, no issues whatsoever. Great product.

Review by java



Great espresso maker

I bought this machine over a year ago and can't be more than happy with it. Great machine!